12 January 2016

Shout-out for Pizza - 'Whooppeezz'

                You got to love Indians for one thing, among many others; and that's their love and adaptability for International cuisines. And I say adaptability because we do "adjust" it to suit our palates :) One such cuisine that has been and will always be a hit is Italian; and not just for its pizzas, but we are appreciating the pastas and gnocchis too, at the gourmet, quick-serve and also home-food levels. 
                A new pizzeria in town is always a welcome deal, and when I came to know of the 16th FBAB (Food Bloggers' Association of Bangalore) meet at the newly opened Whooppeezz I rushed to buy my ticket. This was to be my first meet as well with this wonderful group !! Saturday, 9th Jan 2016, and I set out in search of the pizzeria. First thought - excellent location, right opposite Raheja Arcade in Koramangala and next to Starbucks; couldn't have asked for a better launchpad (w.r.t location) to get going with a bang!

                  I entered the place a bit apprehensive, since I knew no one, but I was immediately made to feel welcome, both by the FBAB members and the  Team Whooppeezz. After the initial introductions, it was time to get down to business, a.k.a Clicking & Tasting !! To begin with the starters....we had Nachos with Cheese sauce and salsa plus Cheesy Garlic breads - one with Cheese & mushroom and the other with cheese alone. Needless to say, all of these disappeared quite fast!! I liked the Salsa especially as it had a bite to it. Between the two variations of Garlic bread, my vote would go to the Cheese version, the mushroom one would have to take second place. The bread, though was super soft, warm and along with the cheese simply dissolved in my mouth.

                  The pastas - Arrabbiata and the one with White sauce, which I believe (as per their menu) would be " Pasta Rosé " were quite appealing, here again I shall be partial to the Arrabbiata version; maybe I was expecting something more traditional when it came to the white sauce. Suggestion - the white sauce could be slightly thicker and cheesier, perhaps with the bite of finely chopped, sautéed Garlic; I am happy for the seasonings & accompaniments to be minimal.
                       Moving on to the main course, i.e, the pizzas, we were served a mix of Veg and Non-veg varieties. Being a non-meat eater, I confined myself to the Green dot, that said, their "Eggizza" sure caught my fancy. More on that a bit later. Of the veg ones I tasted, I quite liked the simplicity of "Hawaiian Fusion" served on a thin crust. The other regular crust varieties had the usual toppings of Paneer, Capsicum, bell peppers, olives, sundried tomatoes and a pretty sprinkling of herbs. The Tandoori paneer version disappeared just as quickly, however my humble opinion, the chef could go a little easy on the Tandoori sauce.
                 The "Eggizza" (top right) was really an eye-catcher. Now I dig presentation as much as the dish itself, and to me, the boiled and sliced eggs with cutely cut olives on top were its USP! Though not much of a fan of Eggs on pizzas, I indulged in this one and went in for a second helping too :) But then came the Centre-piece or their Show-stopper - The "Whooppeezzoo" (Bottom left) - sinfulness loaded!! Its claim to fame -  it needs a double base to support all that goes into it!! And I agree, I couldn't down more than a slice! Good option to go for if you are out as a family and are happy to share a pizza :) Statutory warning - look out for cheese dripping all over, yep, that sinful!!
                 And no meal is complete without the dessert round. I doubted if I could do justice to the sweet offerings, being stuffed with all of the above, the Whooppeezz desserts did change my mind! The 'Tres leches' (Top left) stood up to its definition. The cake was super spongy and the milk sauce was divine. Our host Sujata had a twinkle in her eye when she said it wasn't condensed milk.. Well, I leave it to you to find out what it could be and let me know too!
                   The other dessert - Chocolate Bomb (Bottom right), served in a shot glass and made up of four delectable layers was gone in a jiffy too. But what we were waiting for were the Chocolate pizzas that were staring at us from the wall posters. One came topped with Almond flakes and the other with gems. To hell with modesty, in a few seconds we all had chocolate covered faces and that is a testimony in itself !! Must credit its crunchy and flaky base, instead of a chewy one.
                 The other selling factors of the brand, their pricing is wallet-happy and the outlet has a competent staff, the hosts are amazing and of course, the location. As one of my FBAB co-member mentioned, parking would be a concern for quite a few. So a better option would be to go with hired or public transport. 
                 Well, Whooppeezz look set to mushroom throughout Bengaluru and BTM layout is mentioned as the next probable destination. I for one am definitely looking forward to an outlet in my area and soon :) A big Whooppee for Whooppeezz !!!
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