30 October 2020

Homemade Peanut Butter

 How many times have you been tempted to reach out for the peanut butter bottle in the supermarket?

But did you know it is downright easy to make it at home? Takes just about 10 minutes. Here's how...



Whole Peanuts - 200 gms

Olive/ groundnut or refined oil - 1 tbsp

Optional for flavouring - Cocoa powder


1. Dry roast groundnuts in a pan for about 5 minutes or till the peel starts to crumble

2. Let cool a bit and sift the peel from the nuts

3. Add to a blender jar and grind till it becomes a paste. Add the oil and give it another quick run. Oil is optional, I add it to give it a little shine, smoothness and make it easier to grind.

That's it! Refrigerate in an air-tight jar and use as you like! 

For flavoured peanut butter, add cocoa powder while grinding. Experiment with other flavours and let me know :)