19 April 2017

Jo khaane se kare pyaar!

Jo khaane se kare pyaar, woh Prestige se kaise kare inkaar?!  
             Almost every Indian household has grown up using, cooking with and eating off Prestige cook and serve-ware. Evolution is an important aspect for everyone and everything, especially successful brands, to stay in the race. TTK Prestige is one such that has withstood the test of time and continues to innovate.
              It was a bright Monday morning, and I say bright only because I was looking forward to attend the exclusive 'Food-tasting'event organised by TTK Prestige at The Oberoi, MG Road, with Masterchef runner-up and well-known celebrity Chef Shazia Khan set to de-mystify 'Nouvelle cuisine' for the home cook. Ever since my first meeting with her at the Times Lit Fest earlier this year, I was really excited about meeting her again!
            The dishes lined up for the day were pretty interesting and kudos to Chef Shazia for finishing all of them with panache. Beautifully interweaving her cooking with quick tips and quips and inviting blogger guests to help out, Chef kept us hooked to her cooking. Here's a quick preview of the dishes and the cookware highlighted :
1. Dukkah crusted Paneer with creamy Beetroot - This dish demonstrated the use of the Omega Gold series cookware. The paneer was simply melt-in the mouth and one could finish off the creamy Beetroot on its own! I must point out here, as with my personal experience with the Omega cookware, one needs very little oil to cook the food and it just slides off with minimal effort.

2. The Brinjal Affair - This had three elements to it. The first was to roast, peel, chop and mix a brinjal with spices, akin to our Baingan bharta. Second element was a crunchy Peanut topping. The component I was waiting for was the Brinjal fry using the Air Fryer. The brinjal, simply coated with spices and bread-crumbs came out absolutely crispy, which otherwise would have needed deep-frying in loads of oil! Even a non-brinjal lover like me felt tempted to try!

3. Chili Mutton Sliders - Though being a non-meat eater, I was looking forward to this dish owing to the use of the much-hyped Pressure cooker with Clip-on + inter-changeable lids. This cooker comes in two sizes, the handy 3 Litres and the all-purpose 5 litres. That's not all, it is available in three shapes - Kadhai, Sauce pot and Handi. The best part is the new Clip-On lid, that just needs a simple twist to open. To be fair, it is slightly heavier than its predecessors, but considering the fact that there are no longish handles to manuevre around, this is a blessing. Above all, this lid can be used across the cooker, kadhai and handi, as also the Glass lid that converts them into serve-ware. Now this is definitely a blessing for people needing less crowded kitchens.
4. Cuban Chicken Skewers - The Orange sauce used in this dish demonstrated the useful juicer, Prestige Squeezo, that gives you fresh-pressed juice anytime in the comfort of your home. It's a slow-juicing technology that does not simply cut and mash up the fruits, instead takes its time to squeeze out the juice, helping to retain the max nutritional quotient.

5. Grilled Figs with Almond crumble and Vanilla mousse - An absolutely delectable dessert that, right from the creamy mousse, the grilled figs to the crispy Almond crumble made in a jiffy in the Air Fryer, every element was drool-worthy.

6. Grape juice Phuchka shots - Save the best for last, as they say. Another brilliant demo of the juicer. Make your own fresh juice at home sans preservatives and innovate with dishes of choice, as Chef Shazia did here with the all-time favourite Phuchkas or Panipuri or Golgappas. No matter which name we know it by, this snack is an absolute show-stopper anywhere, anytime. Served here with chopped apples, crunchy, fruity green chutney and the tangy-sweet grape juice.
            Last but not the least, mention must be made of the Prestige 'HobTop', the slimmest cooktop, that (apart from its good looks) doubles up as both a gas-stove and a hob. The Induction Cook top is another innovative product that has one of the most helpful features for any Indian cook - an Automatic Whistle Counter preset option. One can set the number of whistles required for the dish, and the cook top does the rest for you! Remember your mom/wife asking you, how many whistles did we hear, and the blank looks in response? Well, no more, because once the set number of whistles go off, the cook top goes into Keep warm mode.
          There was much to take away with us that day. From a crisp intro by Mr Chandru Kalro, Managing Director, TTK Prestige, the brilliant cooking by Chef Shazia Khan, the clever use of the cookware, the yumm dishes prepared to the brilliant lunch and hospitality by The Oberoi Hotel, this was truly a Monday to remember.
Sharing here some shots from the event....


12 April 2017

Eggless Whole Wheat Cupcakes

One really doesnt need a reason to indulge in cupcakes. And trust me, they are soo easy to make. Once you get the basic measure right, there are endless possibilities of flavours and ingredients.
Here's a simple and healthy one that's eggless and uses almost no butter!
Ingredients :
Whole Wheat flour - 1 cup (Or refined + Wheat flour, 1/2 cup each)
Baking soda - 1 tsp
Whisked curds - 1 cup
Butter - 1 tbsp
Ripe bananas, mashed - 2 medium or 1 large
Demerara sugar, powdered - 1.5 cups (or normal sugar 1 cup)
Clove or cinnamon powder - 1/4 tsp
Almond powder/Ready to mix Badam drink powder - 2 tsps (optional)

Method :
1. Add the mashed bananas and 1/2 cup curd to a bowl and mix well. Add the sugar and butter and mix well again.
2. Sieve together flour, baking soda, spice powder into a clean bowl.
3. Fold the flour into the banana mixture, a little at a time. If batter is too thick add the remaining curds little by little till you get a dropping consistency, resembling Idli batter.
4. Spoon the batter into cupcake moulds. Bake in a pre-heated microwave (I place an oven-proof glass bowl filled with water and let run on high for 2 mins) at 180 deg C for 7-8 mins. If the toothpick test fails, bake for few minutes more.
Remove and let cool on a wire rack before de-moulding.