23 October 2014

Motichoor Laddoo with Ice Cream

Motichoor laddoo is one Indian sweet that I never ever tire of. I haven't tried them in sweet shops all over Delhi, but among those that I have, the one at Bansal's in Pitampura wins hands down.
Needless to say, sweet boxes pile up at home during the festive season and there is only so much that we can gorge...but there are always ways to pair them up in interesting and innovating ways...
Here's one such idea.

                             FUSION MITHAI - MOTICHOOR LADDOO with ICE CREAM

Ingredients : 

Motichoor laddoo - 1 per cup being served
Ice cream - vanilla ice cream goes best with any Indian mithai, but here I used a combination of Vanilla, Chocolate and Butter-scotch

Method : 

1. Place the motichoor laddoos on a microwave safe dish and micro for just 30 seconds.
2. Add a scoop each of the ice creams to the serving bowl.
3. Gently place the laddoo on top of the ice cream scoops and crush lightly.
4. Garnish with desired dry fruits and serve.
Note : The trick is to keep the laddoos bearably hot in contrast with the coldness of the ice cream !!


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