27 May 2016

Breakfast with Jackfruit

               Health nowadays is not just a much clich├ęd, but also much abused term, as is 'Diet'. There is so much more to a "healthy lifestyle" than just food.  To quote Chef Ranveer Brar, "Food unfortunately bears the brunt for our health issues & lifestyle, of which diet is only a small part." 
             It's encouraging, however to find the ever-growing food fraternity experimenting with healthy alternatives and fusing them to suit different palates. So when I received an invite to the #FunWithJackfruit365 event at Hotel Grand Mercure, Bangalore, I was intrigued by what I could expect. (I say intrigued not only because I wasn't yet aware of the culinary possibilities with Jackfruit, but also because the fruit is not exactly on top of my 'fav-food' list!) 
                The intro given by Mr James Joseph, the founder & brand ambassador of Jackfruit365 was quite an eye-opener. Jackfruit, that some tend to either shy away from due to the messy cutting process, or (as I found out while talking to co-foodies) use in cooking but hadn't consumed as a fruit, has immense health qualities. Its low Glycemic index, coupled with high fibre & protein content make it a dream supplement for many.
               While the fruit, also known as 'Kathal' by many, has been included in cooking in its ripe and/or semi-ripe forms, the use of dried Jackfruit flour was something new to me. The Jackfruit365 product in focus that day, Freeze-dried Raw Jackfruit is versatile in that, it can be used in many forms, soaked and used in your dishes of choice, ground and used as flour supplements or simply as chips if you are looking for a quick afternoon munch!  
              The breakfast delicacies that were prepared for the event, with Jackfruit as one of the key ingredients made for a sumptuous spread. Special mention for the Galouti Kebab here. So long I have heard & read about these famed kebabs being made with Kidney beans or soya to appeal to the vegetarians. But here, these were made primarily with soaked raw Jackfruit365, blended with the other ingredients. The result, truly melt-in-the-mouth kebabs that almost made me a permanent fixture at the Galouti Kebab counter! 
                     Another element that intrigued me was the smoky flavour. Now the kebabs were being shallow-fried and I couldn't see a 'Dhungar' step at any point. So where was that flavour coming from? A conversation with the chef in question answered my curiosity. The 'Dhungar' effect had already been given at the kebab mixture preparation stage; also that the mix was best prepared well in advance to let the flavours set in properly. Well, I stop here with the narrative and will let you visually savour the goodies...you can find more about the products and recipes at Jackfruit365's website ... 
And yes, the product is available to order from Amazon.in


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